High Country Fiction

Home to the Winter Haven series of cozy murder mysteries

Winter Haven is a very popular, albeit fictitious ski resort town in northern Colorado, nestled deep in the author’s imagination where Winter Haven Mountain towers above the town to the west and Pickens Peak looms high above to the east, majestically standing guard over the sleepy resort town.

At over 14,000 feet, Pickens Peak is a rugged, undeveloped wilderness area protected by the Bureau of Land Management.

But at 13,000-feet, Winter Haven Mountain has fifteen main ski runs on its front side that are generally easy, well-groomed, and family-oriented, with many more trails on the backside that offer greater challenges for advanced and expert skiers.

The legendary Detective Brad Sanders had left the high-stress meat-grinder of the Philadelphia Police Department three years ago, and moved to Winter Haven with his wife, Linda, to fill the vacant lead detective job in Winter Haven.

Follow Detective Sanders as he relies on his vast depth of investigative expertise to solve several difficult and intriguing murders that have plagued this sleepy mountain resort.

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