About Charlie

Charlie Avera

Until recently, Charlie Avera was an avid skier living outside of Denver, Colorado.  His skiing experiences provided the inspiration for the first novel in the Winter Haven series, Bobcat in the Trees.

Charlie earned his business degree in 1986 and then began a 34-year career as a computer programmer.  In 2006 he earned his master’s degree in Computer Information Technology.

In 1992 he moved his family from Michigan to Colorado where he still lives. 

When he was sixty years old his daughter asked him if he wanted to try skiing just once.  From his first day on the slopes, Charlie’s love for this sport skyrocketed, and now his only regret is that he did not begin twenty years earlier.

Throughout his career, Charlie wrote boring technical program documentation. Now he enjoys writing for a different audience, and has published a short book about learning to ski later in life, perseverance, and other events that helped shape his adult life. His book is called Miles on the Mountain: Skiing at Sixty-Four and Other Adventures.

Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees is his first full-length work.

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