Winter Haven Mystery Series


“… I loved everything about this novel because the plot was airtight. The authors also carefully developed the storyline and characters, and the editing was flawless.
Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite


“Lake Secrets, the second book in the Winter Haven series, is a mystery with the same believable characters from the first book.  With Brad Sanders as the lead detective, his wife Linda, and John Lambert, his partner, they pull you along with them as they work to solve the Lake Secret murder.  The reader is able to follow as new clues are added and visualize different settings and locations that become important later in the book.   It was easy to get involved in this story with its many twists and turns that kept this reader guessing the solution until the very end.”   
Barbara Goodloe – Beta reader, reviewer

The legendary Detective Brad Sanders left the high-stress meat-grinder of the Philadelphia Police Department to fill the vacant lead detective job in the quiet ski town of Winter Haven high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. But after three years of enjoying life in the slow lane, Brad finds out that Winter Haven is not completely insulated from intrigue and crime. The peaceful resort town is interrupted by a suspicious death on a ski run and by other mysterious deaths around the small town.

Follow Brad and his partner, John Lambert, as they follow clues around the country to solve the strange mysteries.

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