Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees

Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees

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Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees

This is the first book in the new Winter Haven mystery series!

The legendary Detective Brad Sanders left the high-stress meat-grinder of the Philadelphia Police Department to fill the vacant lead detective job in the quiet ski town of Winter Haven high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  It is another beautiful Christmas season in Winter Haven and sharing it with his wife Linda is magical. 

But Brad is about to find out that after three years of enjoying life in the slow lane, Winter Haven is not insulated from intrigue and crime.  The peaceful resort town is shattered by a suspicious death on the Bobcat ski run high above the small town.  Brad and his partner, John Lambert, follow clues to solve the mystery of why an out-of-state corporate VIP is found dead on the challenging ski slope.

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Paperback ISBN: 9798438435327

“This is a really interesting read so far. The storyline is intriguing and keeps me guessing. Well done!
Overall, the book is a fantastic read and definitely a hard-to-put-down page turner. I must say “well done” to you and Charlie on this story line!

Debbie Y. Tayo-Odeshilo – Editor/Proofreader

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