Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees


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This is the first book in the new Winter Haven mystery series!

The legendary Detective Brad Sanders left the high-stress meat-grinder of the Philadelphia Police Department to fill the vacant lead detective job in the quiet ski town of Winter Haven high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  It is another beautiful Christmas season in Winter Haven and sharing it with his wife Linda is magical. 

But Brad is about to find out that after three years of enjoying life in the slow lane, Winter Haven is not insulated from intrigue and crime.  The peaceful resort town is shattered by a suspicious death on the Bobcat ski run high above the small town.  Brad and his partner, John Lambert, follow clues to solve the mystery of why an out-of-state corporate VIP is found dead on the challenging ski slope.


More twists and turns than a ski run!

“Well written, and I found myself back in the mountain skiing again; the descriptions were spot on.
“I found the character development very well done, and the interaction very true to everyday activity . . . nothing seemed forced or rushed.
“Usually something will tip you off as to who did what. In this first Winter Haven book, you truly need to read to the end!”

Robin Poirier – Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This is a really interesting read so far. The storyline is intriguing and keeps me guessing. Well done!
Overall, the book is a fantastic read and definitely a hard-to-put-down page turner. I must say “well done” to you and Charlie on this story line!

Debbie Y. Tayo-Odeshilo – Editor/Proofreader

Paperback ISBN: 9798438435327

Review of Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees review of “Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees” by Charlie Avera / Pam Shanahan.

Detective Brad Sanders got a challenging Christmas mystery crime in Winter Haven, which rarely happens compared to his previous job in Philadelphia. He is solving the case of Russel Anderson’s death with John Lambert. Russel Anderson never made it down the hill after his son Mike and Chris (his son’s new friend) challenged him to ski from the top of Bobcat. The next day, Russel was found dead and in bad shape. He slammed into a tree, but the autopsy reported that he died with a broken neck. Did someone murder Russel? Russel Anderson was the Vice President of Plant Operations for Bixby Manufacturing and was solving the problem of deteriorating sales. He was linked to a woman. Is this woman the reason for his death? 

Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees is a beautiful masterpiece by Charlie Avera and Pam Shanahan. This is a story of love, kindness, and forgiveness triumphing over pride, strong-willed behavior, heartaches, and betrayal. The authors weave thrilling scenarios of family drama that mostly took place in Winter Haven during the Andersons’ Christmas vacation. It’s written in a fast-paced mode with only a few errors, which reflects that this book has been professionally edited. Though there are a few profane words, they’re not exhausted. 

Let’s talk about the place, the characters, and their personalities, which I like the most. Firstly, every place mentioned in this book is well-detailed in a simple manner by describing things like the heavy snow, the characters’ houses, and especially Winter Haven. Secondly, the characters are easy to follow in every twist in the flow of events. In every scenario, the characters are mostly in pairs, either in good times or in trouble. To make the characters more exciting, the authors are highlighting the mystery man. Lastly, each character had a unique type of behavior that reflects our world today. 

I least like the monotone description of some scenes, though it helps the readers understand the plot. I’m still awarding this excellent novel 5 out of 5 stars. Why? I’m able to feel the coldness of the snow through its vivid description, though I’m still longing to experience watching a snowflake. The novel exposes that being on top (like a company president) doesn’t guarantee a perfect life beyond your extravagant income. Moreover, the story has a simple lesson about how posting your whereabouts online creates problems later. In terms of being husband and wife, readers will appreciate whose couple is the happiest in their choice of living.

I recommend this book to those who like detective and mystery novels during the holidays. Anybody who knows about snowboarding or skiing can relate to the topic of this book. Lastly, the Winter Haven series has a book that is going to be released in 2023, entitled Winter Haven: Lake Secrets.

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