Winter Haven: Lake Secrets


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The small ski resort town of Winter Haven, high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is decked out for their annual Spring Fling. On the last day of the weeklong festivities, crowds are cheering for the Pond Hop contestants as they race down the slope and try to ski across the pond before sinking into the frigid water. For Detective Brad Sanders, the raucous activity is a great way to spend his day off. But the contest ends abruptly when a ghostly, gray hand suddenly rises above the water’s surface after Sarah McAlister snags the cold, dead body with her ski.

Brad is plunged into the cold case as he races to discover how the body ended up in the lake. Criss-crossing the country tracking down leads and uncovering local secrets, Brad and his partner work tirelessly to solve this cold case. But can he find the killer before losing the most precious person in is life?

“Get ready for an absorbing sleuth story with Charlie Avera and Pam Shanahan’s Winter Haven: Lake Secrets. When a dead body rises to the surface of the local lake of the small ski town of Winter Haven in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Detective Brad Sanders once again finds himself as the catalyst to solve the case. After discovering that the victim, Edward Charles Bearson III, was murdered, Brad delves deeper into the investigation, following one clue after another. He finds out that Bearson was a gambling addict with a lot of baggage who might have been embezzling money from his bank. With the list of suspects rising with each new reveal, Brad must get to the bottom of the mystery soon. But doing so might put one of his loved ones in danger.

“If you’re looking for a cozy whodunnit murder mystery to spend your evening with, Winter Haven: Lake Secrets is the perfect book for you. Charlie Avera and Pam Shanahan weave a captivating yarn of murder and crime told through the eyes of a charismatic detective who is as intelligent as he is charming. From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the glittering casinos of Las Vegas, the settings change as the twists and turns of the plot take you on a captivating quest alongside Detective Brad Sanders. The authors also sprinkle humor throughout the pages with some easygoing banter between Brad and his colleagues. As someone who loves sleuth stories and whodunnit mysteries, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will gladly recommend this book.”

“Lake Secrets, the second book in the Winter Haven series, is a mystery with the same believable characters from the first book.  With Brad Sanders as the lead detective, his wife Linda, and John Lambert, his partner, they pull you along with them as they work to solve the Lake Secret murder.  The reader is able to follow as new clues are added and visualize different settings and locations that become important later in the book.   It was easy to get involved in this story with its many twists and turns that kept this reader guessing the solution until the very end.”

Barbara Goodloe – Beta reader, reviewer

“The cover of this book is beautiful while eerie, inviting mystery lovers to learn more. This second book in the Winterhaven series did not disappoint. Intrepid Detective Brad Sanders is plunged into a search for a killer after a grisly discovery.
Red herrings abound as Brad is sent out of his comfort zone to chase down leads. This is a quick read with plenty of interest and a scary ending. The characters are fleshed out and we find out more about Brad’s wife, Linda, one smart cookie. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery.”

Jean Townsend – Beta reader. reviewer

eBook ASIN: B0BR8NJ5B3
Paperback ISBN: 9798371645982

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