Bobcat in the Trees Published!

Bobcat in the Trees Published!

We are excited to announce that Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees is now available in eBook and paperback on Amazon Kindle!

As with any book, it took a lot of effort, from the first idea that was planted in Charlie’s mind during a long walk on a cold winter night, to the final publication on Kindle. After writing, and rewriting, changing logic and perspectives, and countless proofreading and editing, Bobcat in the Trees is finally finished, and we could not be more excited!

The book introduces Brad Sanders, the legendary detective from the Philadelphia Police Department. After enjoying three years in the slow lane in the small resort town of Winter Haven, Brad discovers that the town is not insulated from intrigue and crime. 

The peaceful resort town is shattered by a suspicious death on the Bobcat ski run high above the small town.  Follow along as Brad and his partner, John Lambert, follow clues to solve the mystery of why an out-of-state corporate VIP is found dead on the challenging ski slope.

We hope you will find this first book in the Winter Haven series intriguing and exciting. Thank you for purchasing Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees!

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